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Accounting and Finance

Our interim and part-time CFO and Controller services allow you to gain financial insight into your business and lead it to optimal performance. Based on understanding the dynamics of the industries we serve, we focus on the financial drivers of your business and delivering value to your multiple stakeholders: your customers, employees, investors, and community. The components of our services include:

  • Providing financial statements
  • Developing three to five year pro forma financial reports
  • Strategic planning and analysis for budgeting and forecasting
  • Implementing a finance and operations reporting infrastructure
  • Oversight of administrative functions, including accounting, banking and treasury, HR, contract administration, facilities, investor relations, and legal

Retirement Plans

Our retirement services include:

  • Traditional 401(k) Plans
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
  • Profit-sharing Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • 403(b),457(b),457(f)
  • Non-Qualified Plans
  • Actuarial Services
  • ERISA Compliance Reviews

The components of our services are:

Plan Design Review

An effective retirement plan begins with a sound plan design. Design elements impact every aspect of your plan—from investments and recordkeeping to compliance and communication. Together with our TPA partner experts, we review and provide feedback on:

  • The flow and types of contributions into your plan
  • Increased tax deduction for owners or senior management
  • The timing of distributions
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Vesting schedules
  • QDROs, loans or hardship options

Provider Search and Fee Benchmarking

We provide you with the actionable knowledge you need to meet your fiduciary responsibilities by helping you validate and, if needed, change aspects of your plan. By proactively helping you contain fees, expand provider services and enhance investment opportunities, we help you move up to a higher level of best practices.

We can quickly and efficiently help you determine whether to remain with your current providers, or uncover areas where a move to an alternative provider would be in the best interest of the plan. If a full search is not your intention, we can conduct fee benchmarking to ensure your compliance with ERISA requirements to periodically compare your plan to the marketplace.

Our process offers quantitative and qualitative metrics for a thorough and balanced analysis. It enables us to intelligently measure plan fees, services and investments, and is comprised of:

  • Conducting an Initial Needs Analysis
  • Developing a full RFP Questionnaire
  • Compiling responses
  • Presenting a Total Cost Analysis
  • Communicating Benchmarking Results

To ensure you receive the best service, we provide assistance when you are moving your plan to an alternate provider.

Investment Due Diligence

We help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities and enhance opportunities for participants through systematic, quantitative and qualitative investment analysis. We provide the assistance you need to select, monitor, and evaluate funds within a best practices environment. Our process entails:

  • Conducting in-depth Investment analysis, using institutional fund selection methodologies
  • Developing an Investment Policy Statement
  • Presenting the most appropriate providers, be they bundled or Open Architecture
  • Monitoring asset allocation (target date) funds and models
  • Educating your Investment Committee on investment theories and methodologies at its desired degree of involvement

Fiduciary Compliance

Many companies do not know their fiduciary responsibilities under the law. We help you maintain compliance with the DOL, IRS and other regulatory bodies, and help improve investment opportunities for your plan participants. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we become your co-fiduciary to your retirement plan as it relates to the selection and monitoring of investments, while providing ERISA 404(a), 404(c) and other compliance-related services to reduce your exposure.

We measure the health of your retirement plan, and the ability of plan fiduciaries to operate in accordance with ERISA and the plan documents. We provide the resources to identify potential weaknesses in your plan and remedy through education, due diligence and process implementation.

Employee Education and Communication

In order to help build greater financial security for plan participants, one of our goals is to increase plan participation and elective deferral contributions. The other is to help participants make appropriate asset allocation and investment selection. Plan sponsors play a critical role in helping keep employees informed. We assist you in this role by:

  • Providing pre-enrollment announcements so employees can plan ahead and submit questions prior to group enrollment
  • Conducting onsite group enrollment or individual meetings at times most convenient for you and your employees
  • Conducting group investment education meetings to help participants make informed deferral and asset allocation decisions
  • Offering group and individual investment advice to help participants select funds based on a customized risk profile questionnaire
  • Providing bilingual representatives to serve your diverse workforce and ensure clear understanding during the enrollment process

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